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I have, in recent weeks, been to have acupuncture three times. It has been a really positive experience so far. I had been to see this acupuncturist before, several years ago, when I had paralysis of my eyebrow and forehead on one side as well as trigeminal neuralgia in the same area. He sorted that very easily last time so when I had a return of the trigeminal neuralgia I knew who to call.

Thankfully the trigeminal neuralgia seems to have eased off again for now, but he is going to try to help me with pain and muscular tension in my back, shoulders neck and head. We then may move onto other issues such as neuropathy or IBS/bladder issues, we shall see! There are always more symptoms to try to work on, after all.

It is early days and he is having to try things he has not done before as he does not think my body can tolerate a more standard approach. I already feel better but it’s early days and I think some of that is perhaps due to seeing someone who is trying so hard to help me and who really wants to see me improve. I am interested to see how things progress and what he can do to help me.

He has given me some “On-chair Tai Chi” exercises to do (handy video so I don’t have to remember it) as I told him how I just don’t seem to get any benefit from traditional stretching but that I want to find a way to help my muscles unlock their tension. When I try to hold a stretch (even a gentle one, not at full extension) I experience muscle trembles and feelings of fatigue before I have held it long enough to be effective. Also I get twitches afterwards when I use certain muscles. He explained that the gentle, circular and flowing movements of Tai Chi might be of more benefit. I think getting things moving in any way is great. I also like the “stillness through movement” idea of Tai Chi – it’s like meditation.

The first week he gave the exercises to me I felt I could not do them at all. I did them a couple of times to get the hang of them (it’s a very short video, just a couple of minutes of movement) and my back (already hurting) went into major pain and I had a day of alternating ice and heat packs on it, followed by several days before it eased back to “normal” levels. It felt like my back was broken between my shoulder blades! I also doubted that I could sit upright to do them as this can be a challenge on its own (without the addition of arm movements). I usually sit on a big supportive chair that goes up to head level. The exercise needs to be more upright and with space for arms to move.

He also let me borrow a machine called the Alpha Stim 100. It is classed as a TENS machine, but the current is much different (less) and it can do much more (if what they claim is true!). I used it for three and a half days and could already feel a good improvement in my back pain, particular the part that felt broken the week before and was still sore. This pain all but disappeared. Pain all around and above my shoulder blades and neck were also improved, though still present at least some of the time.

The machine has the pain setting and also a setting which is directly acting on the brain waves. I found this to be really pleasant and effective. It lifted my mood and feeling of wellbeing immediately.

After using the machine for a few days I found I could do the Tai Chi much more easily. The Alpha Stim machine died on day 4 (it was old!), so I could not continue with my trial of its long term efficacy, but I have continued to do the Tai Chi daily. I am also meditating daily to keep up my alpha state, but it is a lot harder than with the machine!

I am very tempted to buy one but they are expensive and my trial was a little short! There has been quite a lot of research done on people with Fibromyalgia with positive results. Details of research done and how it works are on the website . I am missing it… I am going to talk to my acupuncturist about it.

ME/CFS Awareness

ME/CFS Awareness


December 2020