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Just a quick post to share my joy at recently purchasing a book holder to help me to read in bed. I will not put the brand name here as i try to avoid product placement, but it is like a beanbag that the book sits in. It is lightweight and quite adjustable in terms of the angle etc (though perhaps not so much as promised). I am very happy with it.

The only position i can read a book in is to be lying flat on my back, this is because my neck is so temperamental that if i put any strain on it, or hold it at the wrong angle too long i get lots of pain and it can trigger nasty headaches that last for days. My weak upper back and shoulders as well as my neck are nicely supported if i am lying down, the only issue was that i had to hold the book up on my elbows which caused muscular pain on the front of my upper arms, as well as in my wrists and hands. My little finger in particular used to go quite numb from holding the book open – some books really don’t like being open and resist with some force!

With my new book holder i do need to prop my head up slightly higher but this has been fine. The bean bag thing sits on my body and my arms can relax between page turns. (There is a plastic bit to hold the pages open). They still ache but i think that will fade or at least it will be from doing other tasks!

I am really enjoying reading at the moment, and am finding it easier than i have in the past, despite my general health levels being fairly static. I really find it helps me to get to sleep and switch off thoughts from the day, or anxieties about the next day, by taking me into a fictional world. I am currently reading two books by Tove Jansson, whose writing i absolutely love. I am considering The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood soon, as i have been wanting to read it but we have the hardback copy – not a problem any more!

(have just corrected my incorrect spelling of Jansson, apologies!)


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