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Kerry, from Lemon-Aide has given me a strangely titled Sugar Doll Award! Thanks Kerry, i think your blog is great and i am pleased to have “met” you 🙂

The deal with the award is to tell my readers ten things they may not know about me… hmm let me see!

  1. I grew up in Wales, but am not Welsh – i learnt Welsh at school but have forgotten most of it, particularly the how to make sentences part.
  2. I have two tattoos – both in places i can’t often see!
  3. I love Lapsang Suchong tea and hate milk (not just in tea, in anything).
  4. I love films that deal with social issues, like Gentleman’s Agreement, Milk, Far From Heaven, Magnolia…
  5. I would hate to live somewhere without seasons; in fact unlike many people i know, i actually love living in the UK! I would like to see more if it than I am currently able to though. I would like to wander about in all the many beautiful and varied landscapes.
  6. I once flashed my boobs at Sam Fox in a nightclub (she was a topless model and briefly a pop star, for those who don’t know her). I was standing up high above the crowd on a stage-like area so all could see me. I didn’t choose to flash her, a friend lifted my top up thinking i was wearing a bra… or so he said. I don’t think she (or anyone else) noticed though.
  7. I really want to go to Iceland, Norway and the very top of Scotland – if i saw the Northern Lights, Whales and Fjords that would all be very nice, thank you. PS seeing some of that from a hot air balloon would be even better.
  8. I used to go out and dance a lot and I loved it – i miss the euphoric feeling of getting lost in the music and my body working.
  9. In the past i have entertained ideas of becoming a dry stone waller, a silversmith, a countryside ranger, environmental artist… would still like to be involved in art or craft.
  10. I had my head shaved for years and loved it, but did get sick of being called GI Jane…

Now, the other thing i have to do is nominate other blogs for the award… i think it is meant to be new bloggers (not that i am very new) but most of my favourites are well established.

hmm, well an important one is: Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness so now you can all get involved! I am sure Rachel, who runs that blog will do better nominations than me (passing the buck anyone?)…

ME/CFS Awareness

ME/CFS Awareness


December 2020