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Well, yes. I had a great week with my friend who came to stay. My partner was at home most days too and although we all felt a bit dodgy at various times for various reasons we managed to go out and about a little bit, but mostly just spent quality time together. I was beaten two games out of three at scrabble, we ate lots of Wensleydale (it’s a regional UK cheese for those not in the UK), sat in the sunshine (it was a cloudy week overall but we seized any chance we got!) and had lots of hugs. The biggest thing we did was a picnic in a park where there were us three, plus four other people!! A veritable party in the park!

The downside is that as soon as she left i got a sore throat and a runny nose… this is the third cold i have had this spring/summer and i am not enjoying them! Last year i only had one cold (in winter, which seems only right) and it had been a while since i had had one even then. I used to say that i didn’t get them; that my immune system seemed to fight them off. I used to feel worse than usual for a week or so, but not get proper symptoms, just a hint but it would never fully develop. Of course i used to moan about this and say it would be better if it just came out like normal, as then at least i could say i had a cold and have a reason for feeling so bad – i am now eating my words as having a proper one is definitely worse. It is amazing how annoying inflamed nasal passages can be: My nose has turned reptilian and scaly; my eyes have been streaming from the itchiness leading them to be puffy and small (piggy); and sleeping has been very difficult.

Having said that, i think i have turned a corner today. It is only day four and i do feel a bit better. I slept ok, I have not used quite so many tissues AND i have mostly been able to breathe. Some of that though is thanks to my Sinucleanse thingy, which i ordered online yesterday lunchtime and which came today (!). It is a plastic bottle and it comes with salty stuff that you dissolve in warm water, then insert the nozzle up one nostril and squeeze water into it – guess what? It comes out the other nostril!!! Quite funny actually. After some washing you blow your nose (quite a lot of snot came out the first time!) then repeat on the other side. I bought it because a friend recommended a “Neti Pot” last time i got a cold, which is like a gravy boat for the nose, but the same principal! It is supposed to wash out allergens, viruses etc and reduce the number of viruses you get and the duration they last for – i am all for that, so am giving it a go. I am already feeling the benefit.

(By the way, i also recommend Boots catarrh pastilles for blocked nose, and chestiness too… they are small and innocent looking, but really are the business! Suck ’em and see!)

Maybe my immune system behaving differently is a sign of change? This theory has been mooted… no sign of imminent ME remission but i will let you know!! Funny though, that apart from the worst day yesterday where i was seriously suffering with symptoms and lack of sleep, i do feel a bit different when i have these viruses. Maybe it is because i expect to feel like someone with ME and a virus on top, so have low expectations, or maybe because i do less due to having a virus but my energy levels do not seem to be significantly lower, in fact, i would say they have been about the same but more consistent through the day; less major slumps and sleepiness and maybe more stamina at a steady level… could be adrenaline-type reaction caused by “having to get through this cold”, or the irritation of symptoms, or maybe i am just imagining it… or maybe there is an immune component to my symptoms even after all these years?

Anyway, i am feeling like this cold will be over in a couple of days and i am just grateful that i have not (yet!) had the frequent nosebleeds of last time which literally drained me of all life-force! By the way,  i recommend you read this about how to stop nosebleeds if you are likely to get in that situation – i found it after my worst one and think it may not have lasted so long and been so traumatic had i known about this before! It is hard to search online when blood is pouring out of you, so click now!

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ME/CFS Awareness


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