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Well, today i am going away for a few days to the Cambridge Folk Festival! I am VERY excited and a little nervous about overdoing it (which is inevitable). We have planned everything to the last detail and packed for every eventuality so now all we can do is GO FOR IT!

I have had quite broken sleep (too excited) but sure i have had more than i think. Will just doze/deep breathe on train as much as possible and try to preserve energy… I am not feeling too bad at the moment. Last week i was like a zombie and could have slept all night and all day (which is quite unusual for me) and this week (until yesterday morning) i have been plagued by headaches but i am hoping that before any new symptoms pop up i can have a few days of calm and relaxed feeling ok-ness – everyone: CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

I have been before as i used to live in Cambridge, it was where i became ill, and i have a lot of very good memories of my time there as a well young thing, dancing the nights away! I didn’t often dance to folk music then but i hope to be tapping my feet a bit this weekend!

I will be back on Monday and will try to say how it went when i feel up to it – i am hoping that even if i don’t feel great all the time that a change of scenery will do me the world of good.

I am taking my holga (camera) and note book and endeavor to be creative as much as possible while i am there! A haiku or two at least 😉

see this excitment building video!

ME/CFS Awareness

ME/CFS Awareness


December 2020