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Quick update on what i have been up to since my cold…

At the Bank Holiday I felt recovered enough to go into town for a trip out with my partner, as it was her birthday approaching and we wanted to do something to mark the occasion. I felt a bit dodgy in the morning and we did not manage to leave the house until well after two o’clock, but we had a great time! We went to an art gallery (see my post on my energysparks blog about it), then to the new City Library as we had not been inside and everyone was talking about how great it was – and they were right. Then we had a quick drink in a bar and i made the spontaneous suggestion that we should stay in town for a meal (i have not eaten out for many months due to my strange dietary requirements so this was a risky idea not just on energy grounds) so we went for a chinese meal as well! We were out for four and a half hours, and although i did feel quite light-headed in the art gallery and had to frequently sit down, i felt good¬†and even felt ok once we got home, which is almost unprecedented, particularly as i get a bit ill in taxis or with any travel. Of course i have paid for it a bit since (as i was not really over my cold either) and have had a few days of feeling less well, which is why it has taken over a week to blog about it.¬†Still it was worth it and to be able to feel so good and spend such quality time with my partner was a treat in itself.

Since then i have also been a bit creative and made a card – see energysparks again!

ME/CFS Awareness

ME/CFS Awareness


December 2020