Hi, Ashy here!

I have ME (aka CFS) and have been inspired to blog about my life & experiences as a person with ME (pwme) by how useful and interesting i have found the blogs of other pwme & other chronic illnesses. I have resisted doing this in the past as sometimes it seems odd (arrogant?) to write about yourself and think that others want to read / listen to it BUT the personal is political and you always have the choice not to read it if i am getting boring… you have been warned!

Also, i found myself moaning about the lack of (good) stuff happening for International ME Awareness Day (May 12th) and was really interested to see what people did on May 1st: Blogging Against Disablism Day –  so i thought this is something that i can do to raise awareness… join the voices of pwme online and hope that it makes a difference.

I became ill in February 1999, just after my 22nd birthday – i had nearly a couple of years of being too ill to work, then i worked 20 hours per week for 5 years or so. My health was fairly stable at that level although some years were harder than others (and i put pretty much all my energy into work) but then things started to get harder and harder and i was unable to work again. My symptoms have been more severe than at the start of the illness and I have also been diagnosed with POTS (November 08 – though i think i had it much longer, it was gradually getting worse and worse). See my blog to find out what POTS is if you don’t know, i have tagged it!

 My sister also has ME, she became ill aged 11, long before i did so it seems we have a family predisposition or something…

i think that covers the basics…

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