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Quick post to note a strange change in my sleep patterns. As I have noted in a recent post, my sleep has been better in general lately. My neuropathy/itching has bothered me less severely at night and I am sleeping more deeply. I have also been waking earlier…

The last few days I have been waking REALLY early. This is nothing new, as I have for a long time regularly woken in the early hours for a couple of hours before getting back to sleep. The difference now is that I am AWAKE. I mean really awake and feeling like there is no point lying there any more.

I recently read this post by Michael Nobbs about his early waking phase. I did not feel, on reading it, that I could be quite so relaxed about it as he is trying to be. I have surprised myself though and actually I think this phase might be a good thing as I am not feeling as death-like as a result as I expected. Hopefully my waking time might be 6.45am like today, rather than 5am as it was yesterday, and I will try to make it a bit later, but I think I am really sleeping more deeply. I always have a daily nap anyway, so if I can pace myself and not fill this extra time with activity, and not feel any worse, it may be good. My body clock will be more normal and that is supposed to help us with ME to feel better.

I am wondering if this more recent phase is due to my NEW ALPHA STIM 100!!! Yes I am excited, and I have bought my very own machine. Have a look here¬†for a good article in the Telegraph about it. Maybe my brain is just adjusting¬†and it won’t mean I will wake up at 5am forever… I will blog properly about the Alpha Stim soon, once I have used it for a while and have a progress report!

I have even started a new notebook – my Alpha Stim diary – I do like stationery!

ME/CFS Awareness

ME/CFS Awareness


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