Well, I just got back from meeting a new GP at the new surgery I have registered with. She was nice, seemed calm and able to listen. She was reassuring about giving evidence for my benefit claims, saying that she would  ring me to go through the form at the time. She told me to make double appointments and that there may be a wait for an appointment of several weeks if I want to see the same person every time. I said that didn’t matter as nothing is ever that urgent. I did not get into anything much, as I knew it was just an introductory appointment and I think this approach worked well. I am going to try to be a better patient and not annoy them…

She expressed concern that I am taking Norethisterone (progesterone pill) all the time to stop my periods. She said she would like me to talk to a nurse specialist before deciding whether to continue with it long-term or to see if there was a better solution. I am happy with that as I was not sure what the long-term plan is, as when my old doctor brought up the subject, I wrote to him to explain how I saw it and it was never followed up. I hope this doctor will be more thorough, she seems so on first impressions. I don’t want to return to having periods, certainly not if they have the same impact on me as they did, but I am happy to check out the options.

I did ask if there was anyone with other ME patients, or who had some knowledge of it, and she did say that no-one would have specialist knowledge as it is a rare condition. I questioned how rare it is, and said there are more people with ME than MS, and she said MS is rare too! (I am sure they are both rare, but I bet they all know more about MS… obviously I did not say this). I know they won’t have specialist knowledge, but it would be nice if they are willing to learn a little. We shall see.

I will see the nurse, then make another appointment with this doctor to see if we can get to talking about more specific things. I have symptoms I have not even mentioned to a doctor before so maybe I will get to that. It’s early days, but I am glad I have taken the plunge to try someone new. At least I was not spoken to like I was a child; so old doctor 0 – new surgery -1 on that score.