Just a quick and fun blog post (to distract me from other posts i could write which are less fun, say about ITCHING!Arghhh!).

I discovered the other week that if you type “ME symptoms” into Google Images, my Symptoms Picture from ME Awareness Day last year is the top hit! I just did it again and it is still in the prime location. Also the two other images i created for the occasion are on the first page of results. I wonder how long they have held that position?

This really cheered me up when I saw it. I know it is silly on the one hand, but on the other hand it does suggest that many people are seeing them. Some of them may not have ME/CFS and may be learning more about it, which was the point of putting so much work into the images in the first place. It was hard work and it is nice to see it has possibly  been worth it.

I have been wondering what to do next year as I was concerned that recent efforts were not having much effect. Maybe they are having more effect than i thought! It is the International Top Hit!!

Also, don’t companies pay lots of money/make lots of effort to get the top slot on Google and other search engines? Granted the other images there are a bit rubbish so my competition was weak, but ha ha anyway.