I think I do… my partner got ill first and she is still not totally better yet but is on the mend, while i am coming down with it. I have not been feeling good since i was sick that night (was it 3 weeks ago?) and have had the occasional night of feeling sick again but luckily not actually being sick. This past week it seemed to be getting worse not better and i was off my food, had a runny nose and was more achy. I did not feel well and knew something was up. Now i am proper ill with sweating (temperature), very sore throat, cough, aches, generally feeling weak and dizzy etc.

I had the flu jab for normal flu a few weeks ago so i reckon it must be swine flu, unless it is just another random virus. It is not a cold though and my partner has been really ill with it and she usually just works on through a cold. This time she has had several days off work. Not even working at home – literally lying in bed unable to do much at all. I worry how i will be tomorrow as today was not fun but i don’t think the worst has really hit yet – I managed a bath this afternoon with that in mind (do it while i am able) and don’t feel too bad right now after a sleep this afternoon. We shall see.

I am a little concerned about how long i have been feeling ill for. I feel that i have been under viral attack for quite some time now without a break. My lymph nodes in my groin area are very lumpy. I noticed them about 3 months ago as they were quite sore. I have never noticed them being lumpy “down there” before, only in my neck, so i went to the doctors. After the first try (we have no time to look at them now, said the doctor) i went back 3 weeks later and someone had a feel of them. They said i need blood tests done (full blood count and ESR) but that won’t happen until 18th December as there were no appointments due to swine flu – this was a couple of weeks ago, so another 3 week wait for that. I wonder how having this virus will affect the blood test results and if it is worth getting it done when i am ill in another way. They will probably just show i have a virus and tell me to come back to repeat the tests in x amount of time. Maybe i will have recovered by end of next week. Maybe pigs will fly!

I considered getting Tamiflu, but i decided not to bother. It seems that is doesn’t make a huge difference (cuts length of illness by one day?!) and I don’t like taking stuff for no reason.  I wish that the doctors would actually look at my blood and see what viruses i am actually fighting, i really feel i have been dragged down this year and that something is going on with my immune system that is very different from the last few years. I was watching a video on YouTube of a talk by Dr Martin Lerner about viral issues in ME/CFS and antiviral treatments that can help people with certain viruses (herpes related) in their systems. (There are 3 linked videos). I hope his research is pursued and we can get tested and to try this kind of thing soon, as the XMRV discovery only adds to this theory of viral factors keeping us ill. It just feels like more could be being done and progress on these ideas and research discoveries is so slow. Life is ticking away here!