I decided during the last couple of weeks i needed more than just massage to deal with my wreck of a body – the last couple of months i have had much more tense and more painful muscles all over and my upper back became so uncomfortable recently that i had to go to lie in bed in the day just to rest it, as there was no sitting position i could find that worked, and also i had to only lie on my back in bed as being on my sides was became too uncomfortable after just a few minutes… not very helpful when i already have enough problems being comfortable in bed and sleeping well.

I found an Osteopath online who was close enough that taxis would not cost too much, read his website and sent him an email. He sent a lovely one back and his charges were less than i feared, so i gave him a try today.

He was great. He says he doesn’t know if he can help me much at all as osteos rely on the body’s natural ability to heal in order to get better, once they remove whatever is blocking that. He says my regulating systems are so all over the place (the autonomic nervous system which causes so many of my more severe symptoms is very key to this) that he has no idea how it will respond. We are giving it a go anyway and i am sure he will tell me if there is no point.

He had really researched POTS and seemed to know a lot about ME and the autonomic nervous system and i was impressed by his attention to detail and enjoyed talking to him. I think i like him and will enjoy my visits which is important too.

We are focussing on making my back more comfortable/less painful, but he also says my lower back is BAD (i thought it was fine but he says the pain signals must have been switched off as it is soooo baaaad!) and that could be affecting my pelvic pain/bladder/ibs etc so he will try to help that too. My head apparently is all baaaad and solid as a rock, but i knew that, as it is always tense and painful. He spent 2 hours with me, despite me being late (taxi couldn’t find our house… again) and the appointment was only for 90 mins. I felt very spaced out and dreamy afterwards and my back does feel different, if still sore! He was very gentle – it was pure Cranial Osteopathy which is basically minute movements, mostly you can’t tell anything is happening, though he kept making discouraging noises like for him it was all very dramatic and he kept finding more bad things wrong with me! It was quite funny!

He has leant me a support pillow (memory foam?) to “try before i buy” as i was considering it but wanted to test to see if right for me before shelling out mega bucks – and i lay on it this afternoon and it was like a revelation! I could actually feel, when on my back or side, that my neck was perfectly straight and there was no pressure on it! i am sure it will help my neck and comfort levels when sleeping so he ain’t seeing it again 😉 I think the amount of time i spend in bed it could really be affecting my neck tension and may help. Hurray!

I will see how it is after i have actually slept on it, as this afternoon i collapsed into bed in a zombie state for three hours when i got home, but couldn’t sleep as such; it was a pleasant waking dream-like state. I actually felt like i was on drugs when in the taxi home; my speech was slowed and an effort but it seemed really funny to me! The taxi driver thought i was being very odd, i could tell, but i thought that was funny too! We had a surreal conversation about the weather…

The Osteopath also recommended a very expensive week-long probiotic treatment, which i will look up online, but may not jump at that quite so readily! Will see how things go…