Well, it is the week of my staycation… i am home alone (though my Mum will be coming to stay for a little while, which will help the holiday vibe!) and i hope to be able to do a few holiday things 🙂

The weather is currently sunny and warm, which is good. I slept very badly last night, which is not so good; but after another try i now (mid afternoon) feel i can face the day. I am not going anywhere today, and probably not tomorrow either as saving energy for my Mum coming but i will try to lounge in the garden/yard in a holiday fashion in the meantime!

After my previous post about feeling on a high i have not had quite such good energy (i knew that writing about it would jinx it!) and my digestive system has been not so good and dragging me down a bit, so i am hoping for a small turn around this week back to the holiday feeling.

I have booked in massages for myself and my Mum on Tuesday, so if all else fails that is a holiday thing we will do! Right, i better get out into the sun (well, maybe the shade) and get started on my hols!