I have filled in the patient questionnaire and sent it off for the All Party Parlimentary Group (APPG), filled with my experiences of the services i have received for my ME/CFS…

find details on the ME Agenda blog: http://meagenda.wordpress.com/

Apparently there are criticisms of the way it is being carried out and not all ME charities are supporting the enquiry, but i felt it was important to get my voice heard anyway. The more people that read about our experience, the better, and it is a public record.

Even if you have not received any “services” as such, or do not have access to any of the CFS centres they set up, it may be worth telling them that and of your experience of the NHS? There is still time – deadline 20 July: here is a link explaining what they need: http://meagenda.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/rime-nhs-services-inquiry-notice-6-26-june-2009/

and here is a link to the actual questionnaire: http://meagenda.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/appg-on-me-inquiry-into-nhs-services-patient-questionnaire/