my result...

my result...

Well after three minutes or so it looked like this – not actually a colour on the chart! it had changed colour a lot from yellow/orange to more like a pale version of the very dark positive colour (which, after a few more minutes, it turned into but they are very clear that only the result at 3 minutes counts!) so i think it is a “moderate positive”.
This is what is says on the leaflet:
The Neurotoxic Metabolite Test aims at detecting the presence of abnormal metabolites in the urine. These metabolites are related to the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Although H2S is naturally present in the body, and plays some normal physiological functions, an excess production can be very detrimental. Overproduction of H2S may result from metabolic dysfunctions, but also from the overgrowth of certain bacteria in the gut (alteration of the normal intestinal flora = gut dysbiosis). Our preliminary results indicate that a strong proportion of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) patients present such dysbiosis, and test positive with the NMT test; but positivity may be associated with other conditions, related to intestinal dysfunction.
So it is not really a test for ME as the papers and hype suggested then, is it? BUT, if it leads to treatment of some aspect of our ill-health, it can only be a good thing and may improve quality of life… if it turns out it is the complete answer for some people, all the better.

Here is the article: new urine test for ME in the Telegraph 

here is what the ME Association say about it: 

I wonder if my diet and probiotics/Kefir regime have been helping my gut problems and perhaps have affected the result. I did stop taking the Kefir and probiotics a couple of weeks ago, although i continued to eat soya yogurts that have “yogurt cultures” in them as i thought they probably are not that potent and also i didn’t know how long it would take for the test to come and there are some things i can’t live without for long on my limited diet! My digestive “issues” have been so much improved over the last few weeks/months since i changed my diet – i wonder what the result would have been a few months ago!

All in all i am pleased that i do not seem to have a  “strong positive” result as no-one wants their body to be toxic do they!? I am going to keep up with the probiotics and hope that that can help. I don’t really see the point in going to my doctor about it – i know they won’t be able to do anything as the research is not even tested/published/recognised yet. I think i might have if it was a very positive result, just to see what they said. I may mention it to the POTS specialist when i see her next week – if i remember – as she is at least interested in ME issues and listens…

I am also going to look up “metabolic dysfunctions” which the test company also say can lead to a positive test result… i don’t know exactly what this means!