Getting excited about next week now! I have been working hard preparing my blog for ME Awareness Day (/week/month) on 12th May and am really looking forward to reading what others will be writing. I may have to post a little early (spread the fun out, i say). I have been reading all the posts on the ME Awareness Blog about all the things people all over the world are getting involved in to mark the occasion and feeling the sense of collective action… I also contacted my local ME group who are organising tea parties to say i want to attend/help out at one (as i don’t think i can host one myself) and they said they will let me know if something suitable comes up – so maybe i will meet some new folk too!

My diet for my IBS is going well. Things have continued to be calm and free of drama, except for a blip last Friday, so a couple of days ago i ate some cheese, and today i introduced some wheat flour (pancakes!). So far so good, but don’t want to speak too soon. I know i cannot tolerate large quantities of bread, and pastry and things like pizza base often really upset me, also, oats seemed to cause 4 days of upset the other week… but i think if the pancakes don’t have a noticable reaction when i have been gluten free for some time, then maybe it’s not something i need to worry about too much and i can just carry on eating wheat/gluten in small amounts. I think the main reason things are so much better is the reduction of fibre, and not eating raw fruit & salads (which is also to the same end) but while i am on i thought i would try to find out if i was overly sensitive to likely culprits, I am hoping not!

I have also purchased some Kefir, which someone recommended to me. It is like growing your own yogurt culture, except it is meant to be even better for you than live yogurt or probiotic tablets… so will let you all know how that goes as well! Dr Sarah Myhill talks about it on her website.

I have not been feeling too great in general, i had three things i could have gone out to in the last week and could not go to any of them (not that i usually go to three things in a row!). I am finding the smallest things are really draining me, like when the cleaners came on wednesday and one was really stressed (someone had backed into her car that morning) and just five or ten minutes of listening to her tell me about it tipped me from feeling quite good, to feeling awful the rest of the day, despite going back to bed…

I have managed to raise my dose of Midodrine up to 5x 2.5mg day, where i was on 2x 2.5mg. It has not been too bad, and i am really pleased to have managed it this time, but i wonder if that is dragging me down a bit as my body adjusts… as always, who knows… maybe it’s all the blogs i have been working on – actually that makes sense 😉 let’s hope people read it!

I did manage to go to a local wood on May 3rd –  the bank holiday weekend –  and it was absolutely magic – bluebells, sunshine, birds singing – and it really was just what i needed – would like to go back as soon as i can as it was just lovely!

Here is a picture i took:




Ahhh – see how relaxing it looks! I wish i could live in there! A real “may day” spring feeling was had by all 🙂