Hi all,

Still on my limited diet… had a very bad couple of days after eating oats one morning, again that evening then following morning (may have overdone them a little!). Stomach very upset and only just calming down so i have been feeling quite bad…

Been doing more research as i expect oats are not the only problem (but if they are a main one at least i have worked it out: i have been eating quite a bit of muesli and oat cakes in recent months after all. It may be an oat intolerance or it may be the amount of fibre was too much for my system to cope with, not sure yet but it was a dramatic reaction…) and have found this really informative website:


It has answered many of my questions about what is safe to eat during a flare-up (not much and all of it white!) and how to integrate other more nutritious and tasty foods into the diet at calmer times… It is very informative and makes more sense than i could have hoped for, as i was getting a bit confused before! It does not go into the resistant starch issue (reheating and cooling of starches) much, but does talk a lot about indigestible fibres in different foods.

So i am persevering with my quest to conquer my IBS (no choice really as it was getting so bad)… i have decided that if i don’t get anywhere with the diet modification in a couple more weeks i will consult a professional nutritionist/dietitian type person, but i think it is ok to experiment unsupervised for a short time. I don’t want to get too bogged down and depressed about it either so a fresh eye on the issues and some new ideas/advice may be useful by that point if not much progress is being made…