Tried quinoa porridge this morning – had to make myself (sitting on chair)and it took quite some time, boiled over when i looked away for a minute and made a huge mess and by the time i came to eat it i was feeling grumpy already! It was not bad though with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of mixed nut butter (like peanut butter, but made with a mixture of nuts!).

I cannot face the effort again however and think i will be introducing oats back into my diet tomorrow. I read somewhere that eating them cold after they have soaked for a while is the best way, so that is the plan (with soya milk and honey, of course). I actually want tomorrow morning to come around now!

I have also been eating rice cakes. I looked on the packet and total fibre per rice cake is 0.2g, so that really can’t be too much resistant starch can it? (However many times they are heated and cooled to puff ’em up!)

I am going to eat brown rice tonight (with tofu and veg) as things not moving along quite so well today! Looking forward to that too – funny how much more you can appreciate simple foods when they have been denied!

Read a bit more about the resistant starches and there don’t seem to be many tables around to say what foods are higher or lower in content. This could be because it changes so much depending on their state (raw, cooked, cooled, reheated, ripeness etc etc).

I did find out that canned chick peas have mainly the first type (there are 4) of resistant starch which is broken down by chewing (amylase?) whereas red kidney beans have a lot of one of the worst types which is not really broken down at all, so maybe chick peas will be my pulse of choice (with extra chewing action)!

Also seeds are meant to be very indigestible, but mainly due to their fibrous casings/husks so it is suggested that whizzing them up to chop them into pieces allows access to the insides to be digested…

The same seems to apply for whole grains (like my muesli or oats) that if the grain is rolled, milled, ground etc it is better digested… My muesli has toasted flakes of various things so this may increase their resistant starchiness. I am staying off that for a bit longer before i judge if it is something that is causing trouble (as it contains dried fruit, nuts, whole seeds as well as various grains), but i am really missing it! Will see how the plain oats go first…

I must just say that please don’t take what i say about this as fact – i am finding it hard to understand and gather the info and i am no dietitian! There is a lot of contradictory information about this and different opinions about resistant starch (and believe it or not, fibre in general… It is a minefield out there and frankly there are people on some very strange diets!!!).