well there are lots of things to update you with but i have not the energy right now, but just in the meantime i wanted to share the funny “top searches” that have been showing up in my dashboard recently! I read them quite often as it is interesting to see what people type in to search and end up finding you, don’t you think? Sometimes if someone new has commented it is obvious that they wrote the “top search” but sometimes i don’t know who they are… the “best” two so far have been:

“i have been having pain in my shoulder blades for 3 months i have had physio it was great but since physio has stopped it has felt worse i get it more when i am stressed”

This made me smile because it is so LONG! I never type that much into a search engine…


“slept with sister for first time”

This one creeped me out as it stayed the top search for a long time… why they found me i am not sure. My guess is they were disappointed.

You know who you are!