Ok, so this is not health related, but i just wanted to highlight something about the US elections which, for me, takes the shine off a little…

I do not know much about the US elections, the politics, the electoral system etc. These things take concentration and brain energy that i do not have to spare, but this news really caught my eye.

It seems that the (slightly) more liberal voters who voted in Obama, may also have been voting for anti-gay amendments at the same time, how nice.

People are celebrating racial equality and how far things have come, but i feel things do not change overnight and news people really do talk some rubbish. On TV they are saying that America has moved on from it’s history of slavery and racial oppression i feel it is way to early to say that, never mind chanting “freedom! freedom!” If America had already moved on, then why would it mean so much to them to have the first african-american president? How about a non-white, non-christian president? How about a native-american president? How about an openly gay or lesbian president?

I am pleased to see that people are striving towards freedom, don’t get me wrong, i am pleased to see such passion for equality, but it needs to be for all.

I am not feeling very articulate today but wanted to post this now rather than when the hype has blown over!