Well, i survived. Yes it did feel like a question of that at times, but also there were some really good and relaxed times as well where i really felt i was on holiday and part of something. To be amongst thousands of other people at an event and also to be visiting somewhere where i have had such good times before i became this ill felt like a real achievement, and a nice trip down memory lane, even if it threw into sharp relief my limitations now compared to before… But that was no surprise and it was as i expected: I spent the majority of the time in the B&B room but did have a nice thai meal in a restaurant, went to a pub me and my partner used to like years ago when we first started going out, went to sit by the river and watch people punting (boats pushed along with poles, like in venice – something cambridge is famous for), and i managed to stay at the festival from 4pm – 11.30pm on the saturday and i really felt that i had experienced the festival, although it was a struggle for the last few hours i really wanted to stay to see the bands that were on late. I knew i was overdoing it, as it was a huge sensory experience with people everywhere, loud music sometimes vibrating through me, it was a bit cold by the end, sitting on a fold up chair that was not very supportive of my head, etc etc. The Friday i only managed to go to the festival for three hours (with ear plugs in!!), and the same on the Sunday and i did not feel good either time but at least i missed a lot of the rain as my partner got soaked to the skin several times!

It was a really good feeling to be speeding away from home on a high speed train and going somewhere new, but it was even better speeding back home, as after five nights away i was desperate to climb into my own bed, in the peace and quiet. Once i got into bed i remembered how noisy the kids next door are, but no-where is perfect!

It is nice to know that it is still possible to travel a bit and see new places but only within my normal levels of activity – i soon came up to my limits and there was no miracle burst of energy. Carrying things, walking, queuing (even with folding seat) etc were very difficult and draining and every step had to be planned, but this is how it has to be these days. Now i have heard some new music that i can listen to at a more ME-friendly volume at home and i have had a change of scenery too.