I cannot believe how long it is since i last posted and this is not even going to be a proper post – more a holding page to say i have not disappeared! The last few weeks have been unusual as my partner went away for nearly two weeks, some of which i was alone and some of which my mum came to stay so i was either fending for myself or spending time with my mum, so had no energy to blog etc. Since she got back i have been firstly recovering, catching up and getting back to normal and then DLA rang on Wednesday and booked me in for a medical on Friday… needless to say it was a fairly horrible day and since then i have been mostly in bed. Feeling semi-human this evening but still taking it very gently. There has been so much i could have blogged about happening, but i have not had any free energy to give, and have also been having a lot of headaches… such is life with ME… BUT I have another reason for not blogging much any time soon and that is i am planning a weekend away this weekend with my sister to a hotel which offers massages and other therapies and a very chilled out atmosphere! So am hunkering down this week and saving all my energy to make sure i can (a) get there (2 hours on train) and (b) not lie in bed the whole time!

So for the meantime i am posting a picture of Steel Rigg, which is on Hadrian’s Wall which my mum drove me to last weekend – it was a beautiful drive and we sat listening to larks and watching rock climbers and it was so nice to get out of the house in a relaxed way on a sunny day!