Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness 2008

Well “drum roll” this is the official opening of my blog! I know, i know i already wrote something on Friday but no-one read it yet and i just needed to know that i could work out the basics before the BIG DAY…

So it is (almost) International ME Awareness Day 2008! I have started this blog specifically for this occasion, as explained in my HELLO page.

I am going to talk about CBT soon (maybe tomorrow for a de-brief!) as that is what i am doing on Monday 12th May… having my second CBT session. This is not the way i would like to mark the occasion but as i can’t do more than one “big” thing on any given day (usually more like one thing in any given week), i shall have to wait til next year to join in any actual events that are being held to mark the day.

Surprisingly there actually is something going on near me – an Action for ME (AfME) pillow fight fundraising thing. I am a bit disillusioned about the whole concept, mind you, as even if i was well enough to get there and watch for a while (maybe of i took a taxi both ways – goodbye £25 – and wasn’t already having CBT), i think they really should do something people with ME (pwme) can take part in, not just their able bodied friends/family… being bashed with a pillow, however soft is not something many of us would risk with our dodgy muscles and various aches and pains… even the symbolism of a pillow fight annoys me… “lets make being bedridden sexy…” please NO. It also makes ME into just about being tired, and lying in bed, which oversimplifies an illness characterised by many diverse symptoms. Maybe i am being over-critical but it is not for me.

One thing i have heard of which anyone can do is a vigil… it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is inclusive at least and creates awareness which is the general idea! See the website: I will be taking part!

Right, better go fill in the forms for CBT about how i have been feeling this week… I just don’t feel like i fit into the ticky box categories… i feel some scribbling coming on 😉

ME/CFS Awareness